Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to walk across North China along the entire length of the Great Wall from West to East, including damaged sections and areas where the wall no longer stands. The walk is to be uninterrupted with little or no retreat to villages. All supplies are to be brought to the wall by team members.

The estimated minimum duration of the walk is six months at an approximate average of 35 kilometres per day.

As a breast cancer survivor I feel compelled to play a part in the search for a cure as well as help the disadvantaged suffering from this illness. Therefore the Great Wall Walk fund raising will benefit CANSUR, being a cancer surgical research organisation who has expressed interest in supporting this endeavour. Simultaneous fund raising will also be organised in China to benefit Chinese Cancer victims.

To support Sylvia Berjas make a donation to CANSUR

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Sylvias Great Wall of China walk


Sylvia is getting to the end of Gansu province

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sylvia is in Jinchuan

I am now in the city of Jinchuan in Ningxia province. Will depart today for Din bian in Shaanxi. This will take about 10 days. I will have to catch the bus where there is no wall . I have to renew my visa and time is short.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sylvia is proceeding despite earthquake

Sylvia has sent an email to let us know that she is ok.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Olympic Ass is too slow for Sylvia


Zhang Ye. yet another expedition for a donkey; Finally successful. Got a skinny donkey i called Olympic. Hope he can make it!!!! had a bag made and cover for the night. Finally on the way with Olympic


Walking with Olympic is very slow. She does not like water. got into problem trying to cross a river. Police comes in and there goes the 4Th questioning since i started. All takes 4 hours. Finally got the thumbs up but not allowed to follow the railway line. My blisters are getting bigger, got one under the nail.


Every one get a shock when they see me with a donkey ! get invited everywhere.


back close to the wall. the poor Shepherd almost got a heart attack when I appeared in front of him. Camping is becoming difficult due to the many fields. Must call in to the farmers generosity. Most of them are happy to accommodate me, they don' t want me to go. Had some good sleep on the "kang" with all the family. Olympic has a fall , he does not want to cross the water , I try the narrow foot path and she falls in the water anyway,; no damage done.


Farmer' s son takes a day off to be with me. I am taken around the ares. and asked to wait one more day so they can organise food for Olympic.Finally on my way again.


was asked to stay one more night . The farmer' s daughter speaks well English and is very helpful, had to walk 6 extra km to go back to their house. it was worth it as dinner was great. Toilet however was as usual; lining up one next to each other in the evening before bed time!


Olympic has lost weight, I don' t think he likes to walk much. After 75 km I must make the decision to leave him behind. If he does not graze , he walks soo slow, I have to be pulling all the time. My arm is even more swollen now. Adding to the regular diarrhea , we had to make so many stops. I really feel sorry to make the decision but!! must do it otherwise I will never get to Beijing.

Luckily I come across a young English student who' s parents can take Olympic and will try to sell her for me. All is set and on my way again